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CAT-South 2014 - 2015 Registration is Open

Please Visit the Alumni Website for More Information and Registration



Level One Magnet Programs- Students currently in 9th and 10th grade are eligible to apply to Level One. Our programs assist students to learn and practice skills needed for that industry. Many programs offer trade certifications and college credits. Most programs are two year programs and most high school schedules can accommodate those programs while still allowing the student to take coursework needed to graduate, including, in many cases, Honors and AP classes.

Career Exploration Programs- Students currently in 8th and 9th grade are eligible to apply to Career Exploration. CAT Career Exploration provides students with an opportunity to experience four career programs offered at CAT North during the course of one semester. In addition, students will participate in a Career Advisory mini program in which they will be briefly oriented to all 22 programs offered at the school. Although this course is not required for acceptance into a Level One Magnet program, it allows students to explore possible areas of career interest.


Level One and Career Exploration applications are accepted online: