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Fall 2023 Student Parking Information 

Seniors and Juniors who are current students at The Center of Applied Technology South and wish to park on the CAT-S campus must apply for a parking permit for the Fall 2023 Semester.  We have a limited number of student spaces available. Seniors will be given first priority for a parking permit and students must have a parking permit at their homeschool. 

  • Parking applications must be submitted via the Google Form link provided below

    • Documents needed to upload with the application:

      • Valid Driver's License (those who have a learner's permit may not apply)​

      • Current Vehicle Registration (must be registered to the student or parent/guardian)

      • Current proof of car insurance

      • Signed Parking Rules & Regulations form

    • Any issues with the application will be communicated using the email address the student provided on the application.

    • Permit pick-up will be 

    • Once applications are processed emails will be sent to all applicants regarding their permit status.

    • Students who are granted parking will be charged a $15.00 non-refundable fee per semester.


      * NOT all students who apply will be guaranteed parking.  ​

Please review The Parking Information & Safety Presentation, and complete The Parking Safety QuizRead and Sign the Student Parking Rules & Regulations (this form has to be uploaded in the parking application.)  Once you have completed these three steps, you may apply for a parking permit by completing the Student Parking Application


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