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Technical Math as it Pertains to Graduation

The following (level 2) courses include a separate 1 credit technical math course that students can earn credit in:  

  • Auto Collision 

  • Auto Technology  

  • Carpentry  

  • CISCO/IT Networking 

  • Cosmetology  

  • Culinary Arts  

  • Dental Assisting  

  • Electricity 

  • HVAC  

  • Marine Service Technology  

  • Welding  


Students must be a JUNIOR to be able to use the technical math credit towards their 4-math credit graduation requirement. If a student is a SENIOR they will need to take an additional math course at their homeschool to fulfill this requirement.  SENIORS can only count technical math as an elective credit. Please note, students may want to still take an additional (more rigorous) math course at their homeschool during their junior year if they are on track to go to college.    

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