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Scheduling FAQ

Q: Does my student need to apply to CAT-South?


A: If your student is interested in doing the optional career exploration course OR a level 1 course then yes they do need to apply. Students apply online and can find the application at or the main AACPS website. If they wish to return for the level 2 program they do NOT need to apply. Instead, the counselor will meet with them to fill out a letter of intent.

Q: Where do I put CAT-South on my course selections for next school year? 


A: You do not put CAT-South on your course selections as there is no guarantee of getting into a program, due to the application process. Instead, if your student is accepted into CAT-South the counselor will reach out to the homeschool for adjustments to be made to the schedule. 


Q: When will I find out if I was accepted? 


A: Sometime in the spring after applications and letters of intent are reviewed. You will find out before the end of the school year and will receive a letter & email.

Q: Which classes are one semester only and which classes are all year? 


A: The following chart shows which level 1 courses are one semester and which are all year. Please note that ALL Level 2 courses are full-year courses. 









Q: How many periods will I be at CAT-South?  

A: The following link will take you to the CAT-South schedule to show which periods are classes are held:

One Semester Only Courses

  • Career Exploration 

  • Carpentry 

  • Honors Culinary Arts

  • Electricity

  • HVAC

  • Honors Interactive Media Production (DiVMG)

  • Honors Interactive Media Production (Simulation & Gaming)

  • Welding  

All-Year Courses

  • Honors Academy of Health Professions (11th-grade entry only)

  • Auto Collision Repair/Refinishing

  • Automotive Technology

  • Cosmetology (10th-grade entry only) 

  • Honors Dental Assisting

  • Honors IT Networking Academy

  • Marine Service Technology 

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