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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do students need to bring money?

  • Yes, students will need to bring money for their food and items of a personal nature.  Students will be provided one dinner and an Ice Cream social by SkillsUSA Maryland.  There is a deli inside the hotel and many eateries within walking distance of hotel.  These include Subway, Chipotle, and other chain restaurants.

Are students allowed to leave hotel area?

  • Yes, students must always travel with at least one other student. Students are permitted to use SkillsUSA bus transportation to and from KEC arena.  In addition, students may travel around the hotel area.  Students are required to contact an adviser prior to leaving and arriving the hotel.

What do students need to pack?

  • Students are responsible to ensure they have all tools and materials required for their contest.  These materials should be boxed up at the school.  The materials will be transported on the coach bus.

  • Students are required to wear SkillsUSA official dress for opening ceremonies and award ceremonies.

  • Students will need to ensure they have proper attire for their competition.  If you have any questions, please see your instructor or Mrs. Dugans.

    • Official Dress includes:​

      • Official SkillsUSA Jacket

      • White dress shirt with solid back tie (Men)

      • White shirt with scoop neck (Female)

      • Black dress shoe, black socks, black belt (Men) 

      • Black close-toed dress shoe, tan hoes (Female)

      • Hair should be neat and professional

  • When not participating in official SkillsUSA activities, students can wear casual (school appropriate) clothing. (shorts, t-shirts, etc)  It is recommended that students pack athletic shoe for amusement park activities.

  • The hotel does have an outdoor pool for student use.  Students may bring swimsuits and cover-up.

  • Students should bring their cell phone and chargers.

  • Students will need to bring cash for food and other items of items of a personal nature.

How many students are assigned to each hotel room?

  • Each hotel room has two queen beds and sleeps 2-4 students.  This year 3 students will be assigned to each hotel room.

Do student have a curfew?

  • CAT-South students must be in their rooms by 10:30 pm. 

Can students have guests in their hotel rooms?

  • CAT-South students many not have students from other schools/states in their rooms.  This is for safety and security reasons.   In addition, if students have other CAT-South students in their room, the door must be left completely proped open.

Are students expected to follow school policy and procedures?

  • CAT-South students will follow all AACPS and CAT-South policies. In addition, students will be expected to act in a professional manner during the conference.  If students violates school policy consequences may include being sent home at parental expense.

Where can I find the most up to date information on contests and guidelines?

  • Contest guidelines are available on this website.  In addition, SkillsUSA maintains a website that shows updates on all contests.  Students should visit this website to ensure they are prepared for their competitions.  Please visit the NLSC contest updates webpage (click here).

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