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Honors-IT Networking(CISCO)

Honors - IT Networking (CISCO)

Associated Licensing Available - CompTIA A+ 1001; CompTIA A+ 1002; ICNDI (CCENT)

The Honors IT Networking Academy (Cisco) program offers students the opportunity to follow their passion and become a valued members of the IT community. By engaging with real-world concepts, devices, and training, our students can complete this course with the knowledge required to design, build, maintain, and secure multiple types of networks, and work hands-on with the devices and software that run them. The IT Networking Academy (Cisco) is part of a global community, measuring over nine million students in 180 countries, all helping individuals attain industry-recognized certifications in various IT-related areas. Our goal is to train and mentor our students, helping them grow and learn vital industry skills such as how to think critically, solve problems, and collaborate with others to complete projects.


Students attend the CAT-South ITNA (Cisco) for two years. In those years, students may sit for various CompTIA and Cisco certifications including but not limited to; CompTIA A+, CompTIA Net+, Cisco DevNet Associate, and the Cisco CCNA. Our Academy strives to evolve along with the IT world, and we meet annually with business partners to ensure our instruction is meeting the needs of the IT industry. After the second year of the program, we work with our partners to place students in internships and ground-level positions.​


Al Parkinson

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