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Prerequisite - 10th-grade entry; Associated Licensing Available-Maryland State Board of Cosmetology.

The Cosmetology program combines theory and clinical instruction to provide students with practical skills in the field of cosmetology. Students are required to complete 1500 hours of cosmetology instruction before applying to take the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology licensing examination. The 1500 required hours are comprised of classroom instruction, hands-on practical experiences, and a work-based learning salon opportunity.


 Level 1 includes a program orientation, instruction in anatomy, professional development, and the foundations of hairstyling.


Level 2 students receive instruction in nail and hand care, skincare, and the application of hairstyling techniques.


During Level 3, the final year, students study approaches for salon business, participate in on-the-job training which includes rendering salon services to the public, and final preparations for their licensing examination.​


Jolie Mauricio - Level 1 & 2

Mercedes Smith - Level 1 & 3

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