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Course Schedules

Career Exploration

1B  7:30-8:25 or

After School 2:45-3:58

Foundations of Patient


10th Grade Academy of Health Intro Course

1B (7:30-8:25) 

Level I

All Classes-

1A-2A  7:30-10:20


Addtions for specific classes

Auto Tech & Cosmetology

1A-2A + 1B (7:30-8:25)


Academy of Health Level I 3-4 A &B   11:30-1:45 p.m.


Level II & III

 All Classes                          3-4 A&B 11:30-1:45 P.M.


Additions for specific classes

Level III Cosmetology

also meets

2:30-3:58 P.M Tues/Wed/Thurs


Academy of Health Level II

1-2 A & 1B 

1A-2A  (7:30-10:20) 

1B (7:30-8:25)